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Below Are Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions We Receive

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How Do I Properly Maintain My Fence?

To maximize the life of your fence, address these areas:

  1. Adjust the gate every spring (as a reminder, gate adjustments and leveling are normal care and maintenance items that the homeowner is responsible for).
  2. Oil the gate hinges, and tighten the screws once a year.
  3. Do not let the gate swing in the wind. Keep it secured.
  4. Deter children from swinging on the gate.
  5. Re-tamp and realign the loose posts.
  6. Do not stack or mount any objects or material near your fence.

When Can I Stain My Wood Fence?

Stain the wood fence when the wood dries out. In the summer, this is normally 1 month after the fence was installed. In the winter, usually 2-3 months after the fence was installed. Do not stain a fence on a windy day or under 65F.

Can I Paint My Fence?

There is no reason to paint your fence. Our fencing comes in a variety of color choices to satisfy any yard decor. If you do decide to paint your fence, it will void the warranty.

Will My Colored Vinyl Fence Fade?

Yes, all building products when exposed to sunlight gradually weather over time depending on your climate; this is called normal weathering.

Will My White Vinyl Fence Turn Yellow?

Any white product will gradually dull or fade over time, but this should not be noticeable to you.

Will My Vinyl Fence Chalk?

Light chalking is a normal occurrence for all vinyl fencing products. Chalking will be washed away by rainfall and normal changes in weather, and this process helps to keep your fence looking like new.

How Will My Vinyl Fence Perform in Hot and Cold Weather Conditions?

Vinyl becomes less flexible in cold weather. However, unless subjected to unusual or extreme impact, it will not break. It is normal for materials to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Flexibility is common and a benefit of vinyl fencing, which allows it to maintain its strength and shape. Your fence is engineered to withstand normal changes in temperature and changing climates.

How Do I Clean My Vinyl Fence?

On occasion, you may want to spray your fence with a garden hose. This will remove grass clippings, dirt, and fertilizer chemicals, as well as keep it looking as new as possible. To remove minor stains, use soap and water. For removal of major stains, use a plastic-safe degreaser or a 10:1 water/bleach mixture.

How Do I Clean My Aluminum Fence?

On occasion, you may want to spray your aluminum fence with a garden hose. This will remove grass clippings, dirt and fertilizer chemicals and keep it looking as new as possible.

For light cleaning, rinse with water from bottom to top and back to bottom. This will clean the surface on the way up and prevent the collection of dirty, as well as streaking. Air dry or wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth.

For more soiled areas, rinse the surface with clean water from the top to bottom. Use a sponge and clean with mild dish soap and water. Immediately rinse any “run down” to lower parts of the fence.

Do not allow dish soap to collect or puddle on surfaces. Immediately rinse entire section with clean water. It is very important the dish soap does not dry on the surface. Air or wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. For stubborn, water-soluble debris, repeat steps above until clean.

Are There Certain Products I Should Avoid When Cleaning My Fence?

Certain household cleaners, abrasive agents, harsh chemicals, solvents, cleaners with solvents or acids, steel wool, and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discoloration to the finish of this product and are NOT recommended.

Will My Aluminum Fence Chip or Scratch?

Your fence is manufactured from high-quality aluminum with a powder coat finish. If you find a scratch or chip, you can use an exterior touch-up paint specified for aluminum surfaces.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

We offer a 1-year workmanship warranty on our vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and wood fencing. As part of our warranty, we will repair or replace (with a new product of the same value) the damaged product at no charge.

This limited warranty does not cover gates or damages resulting from accident, unreasonable use, neglect, alteration, improper service, wind damage, acts of God or any other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, this warranty does not cover costs of installation, removal, or reinstallation created by excessive environmental conditions. Any service or repair provided outside of the scope of this limited warranty shall be at our standard rate and terms then in effect.

Does the Manufacturer Offer a Warranty?

We purchase materials solely from manufacturers who carry a warranty on their products. Vinyl, aluminum, and chain link service providers include a limited lifetime warranty on their products.

Does My Warranty Cover Gate Adjustments?

Yes, please contact us if your gate does not open smoothly or properly. We will come out to you to see if we can adjust it.

For more information about our fencing and decks, please give us a call at (615) 547-9524 or fill out our quick and easy contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.

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