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If you are looking for a pool company that specializes in all types of fencing, choose Quality Fence & Deck. We will work with you to customize a beautiful, safe, and long- lasting pool fence that will keep your pool and spa area safe and secure for many years to come.  Fencing isn’t just what we do – it’s all we do. Contact our team at 615-547-9524 for a fence installation estimate today!

Quality Fence & Deck: The Trusted Pool Fence Company with Years of Experience.

In the United States, 300 children under 5 drown in backyard pools annually. To combat this alarming stat, Quality Fence & Deck offers pool fences with self-closing and self- latching gates to keep your family safe. Did you know that some communities have additional safety requirements for pools? Don’t risk it with an inadequate pool fence – protect your family and neighbors with our reliable solutions.

Find the top pool fence company for your home and family’s safety.

Quality Fence & Deck provides pool fences that comply with local codes and ensure community safety. Our pool fences offer a sturdy and permanent barrier, preventing children from quickly accessing the pool or spa unsupervised. Our fences are non-climbable and secure, keeping your loved ones safe. Codes and community safety standards.  An effective pool fence is one that creates a permanent and non-removable barrier between your family and the pool or spa that it protects.  Your pool fence should be non-climbable and should keep any child from being able to pass through, over, or under to gain access to your pool or spa unattended.

Quality Fence & Deck offers top-notch pool safety fences.

The height of a pool fence must meet safety codes of 48″. However, it is important to note that this measurement refers to the finished, installed height rather than the height of the individual panels. At Quality Fence & Deck, we ensure that our pool fence panels exceed 48″ in size to meet or exceed these codes.

Our pool fences are designed to eliminate potential hands or footholds children could use to climb over. Vertical pickets are installed at a maximum distance of 4″ apart, while horizontal support members are spaced no less than 45″ apart. For wood pool safety fences, the “good side” can either face the inside of the pool area or, if facing outward, horizontal middle and bottom supports must be at least 45″ apart.

Additionally, the bottom of our pool fences will not extend more than 4″ above a solid-surface foundation or 2″ above a malleable surface such as grass or gravel. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that our pool fences provide optimal safety while meeting all necessary codes.

Experience is crucial when selecting pool fence contractors.

At Quality Fence & Deck, we understand that when it comes to choosing a pool fence contractor, homeowners prioritize the safety of their families. With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading and most skilled specialty fence contractors in the southeast. Your family’s safety is our utmost concern, and we promise to deliver the most secure and efficient pool fence design, fabrication, and installation for your home.

Find the best pool fence builder for your needs.

When it comes to pool fence construction, hiring a professional and specialized fence builder is crucial. Quality Fence & Deck is the industry’s leading specialty fence builder, dedicated exclusively to building fences. We prioritize customer satisfaction by constructing the pool fence of your choice at an affordable price.

It is essential to entrust the construction of your pool fence to a skilled and experienced professional rather than relying on under-qualified individuals or attempting a DIY project. Rest assured that your Quality Fence and deck pool fence will be professionally constructed, meeting or surpassing all safety requirements.

Choose from our wide range of pool fencing options to meet all your needs.

Our wooden specifications meet wind codes and are built on-site using corrosion-resistant galvanized steel fasteners. Our aluminum pool fences are powder-coated and designed to comply with local regulations, community standards, and your personal style and functional preferences. We can customize the fence height and picket spacing to provide extra protection. Our pool fences are built to provide the utmost protection for your family and enhance aesthetics and durability.

Are you looking for a pool fence installation? Trust Quality Fence & Deck for the job.

You can buy fence panels at a large retailer. However, installing a low-quality fence without professional help can risk your family’s safety and be a poor investment. At Quality Fence & Deck, we offer top-quality pool fences that are properly installed to ensure your family’s safety. With over 20 years of experience. Contact our team at 615-547-9524 for a fence installation estimate today!

Contact our team to learn more about the various types of aluminum fences we offer. No matter the style or size, our team can help! Call us at 615-547-9524 today.

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