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Wood Fence Benefits: Quality Fence and Deck, we offer top-notch Murfreesboro wood fencing products that are designed with innovative features. Our products provide the perfect combination of style and functionality and ensure that you receive the maximum value from your wood fence. Quality Fence and Deck is your go-to wood fence company. This affordable, private, and aesthetically pleasing fence complements landscaping and outdoor garden features Quality Fence and Deck is your Murfreesboro wood fence company of choice. Call (615) 547-9524 Quality Product. First Class Service!

Pressure Treated Pine Lumber for Long-Lasting Wood Fences

Wood fences are popular among Murfreesboro homeowners due to their low cost, durability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to provide complete privacy. Quality Fence and Deck can assist you in finding the perfect wood fence for your home. You can Opt for our wood fences built with high-quality, Quality, pressure treated pine lumber. With an exceptional warranty, Quality lumber ensures the durability and longevity of your fence. Our Quality lumber fence pickets have a minimum warranty against termite damage and rot, and our posts and horizontal rails have a warranty as well. Trust our wood fences in Murfreesboro to withstand the test of time.

Our expert team at Quality Fence and Deck is here to assist you in discovering various wood fence options. Let us provide a tailored wood fence suggestion to help you effortlessly choose the perfect one for your Murfreesboro residence.

Custom Construction for Lasting Wood Fences in Murfreesboro

Our wood fence construction is installed from scratch on-site, ensuring durability. We use concrete to set each post securely, preventing any shifting or leaning. With our hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails, every board is securely nailed up, ensuring no rust or pull apart. This custom construction offers a stronger alternative to pre-built panels, guaranteeing a long-lasting wood fence.

Enhancing Privacy with Different Styles

When it comes to privacy, we offer three different styles of wood fencing. The board-on-board style provides complete privacy with overlapping boards. If you prefer a stockade style, the boards abut each other without overlapping, still offering privacy. Lastly, the shadowbox style offers some privacy, although it is not entirely opaque when viewed from an angle. However, it has the advantage of providing less wind resistance. In Broward County, many communities require shadowbox wood fencing rather than complete privacy styles due to this benefit.

Wood fence maintenance: sealing, painting, and staining for protection.

To ensure your Quality Fence & Deck’s wood fence remains beautiful for years, regular maintenance is necessary. Applying a sealant, stain, or paint is crucial for safeguarding your fence from the elements. Depending on weather conditions and wood treatment, it is ideal to seal, paint, or stain your fence within 30 days to 6 weeks of installation. Avoid sealing immediately after construction to allow for natural expansion and contraction based on your local climate.

Contact our wood fence contractors in Murfreesboro today. Wood sealers provide a protective barrier against water and come in transparent or semi-transparent options that enhance the natural beauty of your wood. Choose a wood sealer with UV stabilizers for maximum sun exposure protection and reapply annually. To effectively stain your wood fence, ensure the wood is completely dry. Test its readiness by sprinkling water on the surface; if the water beads, wait and retest until the surface no longer beads. Opt for a stain with the most extended warranty, UV stabilizers, and a water repellent.

Opt for an alkyd oil-based primer when painting your wooden fence for optimal results. It is crucial to prime every wood part, including the cut ends. Apply two coats of high-quality acrylic latex paint to give your fence a stunning finish. Like staining, ensure the wood is thoroughly dry before starting the priming and painting process. Use the sprinkle test by sprinkling a few drops of water on the wood’s surface. If there is water beading, wait a few days and test again. Reapply paint as necessary to maintain the fence’s beauty. The frequency of reapplication depends on your surroundings and the fence’s location.

Maintaining your wood fence: Optimal cleaning tips

Regular low-pressure cleaning using a pressure washer prevents dirt and mold from accumulating on your wood fence surface. For optimal results, choose a mild soap designed explicitly for pressure-treated wood. Avoid high-pressure cleaning techniques and evenly distribute the pressure washing wand. Once cleaned, ensure complete drying before reapplying your weather-resistant sealant or stain.

Wood fence maintenance, replacement, and proper disposal

Quality Fence & Deck guarantees using top-notch materials, including rust-free fasteners, for constructing your wood fence. We recommend regular inspections of both the wood and the fasteners. For any wood fence parts that require replacement, it is crucial to dispose of treated wood in landfills or through professional incineration or boiler services. Burning wood from your fence in open fires, fireplaces, stoves, or residential boilers is strictly prohibited.

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If you need a high-quality wood fence installation in Murfreesboro, look no further than Quality Fence and Deck. We’re a top provider of wood fence products and installation, including Murfreesboro. Contact us now to find out more about our vinyl fence options. Call (615) 547-9524. GET A FENCE QUOTE >>

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